Horizons is proud to announce its latest product release to the market.  A Quality Management System that is built on top of Howkama basic elements of Strategy, process, organization, Policies, Principles, and KPIs. The product can be used to support the full cycle of Quality Management and ISO certification starting by building process documentation, to maintaining Check lists for all types of business elements to be audited such as processes, services, strategy elements, Staff, policies, and other elements. Then defining auditing or evaluation plan supporting 360 evaluation, and assignment of auditors to specific audited elements. The system allows access-enable entry of data or importing it.  The system allows auditors to record corrective actions with dates and assignees and send these actions to Outlook Calendar or Horizons Enjiz tasks management.  The system has a rich set of analysis and reporting dashboards and reports. The system has notifications services.   Main advantage points for Tadqeeq are:

  1. Support defining any auditing/evaluation/maturity framework with its components
  2. Support defining auditing/evaluation plans and measurement method (360 is supported)
  3. Enterprise Architecture models are supported for business components
  4. Integration with Outlook calendar or Horizons Enjiz Tasks Management System to track all types of recorded actions
  5. Rich reports, graphics, and dashboards
  6. Integrates with Active Directory and supports access rights for all views
  7. Native Arabic-English Support
  8. Web application with ease of use

Horizons software development team has completed a custom development of a connected clinics management system for one of its customers and now is in Beta testing phase at customer site.  The system support administrative and clinical activities of clinics with support for connect clinics administrator, clinic administrator, doctors, receptionists, patients, nurses, inventory manager, payment office, and insurance handler. The system has mobile application modules.

Horizons just completed a yearlong project to establish Enterprise Howkama practice at Ministry of Public works in Kuwait. The project included building and deploying a strategy system supporting cascading across ministry, its sectors, and departments. The project also included introducing and training on Enterprise Governance frameworks and tools.  The project build a complete Governance elements for the IT Center with all its sections.

SA 6.3 is now available for shipping to new customers and for updating existing customers with the following features and enhancements in addition to its support for detailed BSC implementation:

  1. New Strategy Map Design
  2. Initiatives Dashboard
  3. KPIs Historical values tracking
  4. System Access Rights can work with Active Directory or Outside Active Directory
  5. New Access Rights Definitions
  6. Set Default View
  7. New reports for
    1. Scorecard Data Entry Report
    2. Reporter Data Entry Report
    3. Annual Business Plan Report
  8. Design Environment New Features
    1. Initiative Design
    2. Active Indicators and Initiatives
    3. User Interface Enhancements
    4. BSC – Value Relation
    5. Copy Indicators to Standalone Indicators
    6. Template BSC Generation.

Horizons Howkama 3.2 is now shipping with continuing support for knowledge-based documentation of Enterprise Governance elements of strategy elements, services, processes, organizations structure, roles and responsibilities, policies, governing principles, stakeholders, and KPIs.  The system also supports the auditing process, and risk management processes providing a complete GRC system.  The system can ship with additional modules for measuring Enterprise Assessment Frameworks, Survey Management, and BSC Detail design module. Howkama integrates with Horizons Enjiz and SA systems.  New Howkama 3.2 Features include:

  1. UI improvements and simplifications
  2. Added control for accessing enterprise governing elements
  3. BSC Design enhancements
  4. Integration with Enjiz
  5. Stakeholders Organizational Hierarchy and information
  6. Support of Strategy Analysis documentation with SWOT elements and their source analysis methods

New release of PMOS system (PMOS 4.0) is now available for new customers as well as upgrading the existing customers.  PMOS 4.0 supports all existing features that are compliant with PMI standards and knowledge areas in addition to new features:

  1. Building programs and portfolios charters
  2. Designing programs and portfolios components
  3. Defining programs and portfolios communications and risks management plans
  4. Monitoring & controlling programs and portfolios
  5. Programs Closure
  6. Detailing projects closure items
  7. More projects, programs, and portfolios KPIs and health charts
  8. Detailing Projects and programs and Portfolios benefits and indicating

New Enjiz release 4.2 is now available for new customers and as an upgrade for existing customers. It comes with new features:


  1. Manage & navigate vacations times and periods
  2. Guest Feature
  3. Pausing and resuming tasks
  4. Navigation options
  5. Do Count on Add New task
  6. Do Count on Update Assignee
  7. Task State History
  8. Dashboard Enrichment (Filter by Open Date, Export Dashboard as an image)
  9. Reports Enrichment (Filter by Tag, Filter by Type, Filter by Open Date)
  10. Community Task List
  11. New Administration Features (Configure Digest Notifications during Vacations, Configure Network Default Language, Update User Language)