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Latest News & Events

Howkamah 1.5 suite from horizons is now available

A new suite of an enterprise software was released by Horizons (Howkamah 1.5). The new suite provides capability to model and capture business models for strategy, services, processes, workflow, organizations, job description, projects, and systems. The suite has modules to manage enterprise risks using standard risk management cycles or frameworks. The suite has also modules to manage principles, and policies. The suite provide capability to evaluate enterprise objects using known Frameworks such as HR 360 or CMMI or any other assessment framework. An auditing module can be used to audit any enterprise elements such as processes or risks or vendors. It can support full quality management functionalities. The suite also provides a state of the art questionnaire building, collecting responses, and data-centered analysis of responses. See download area to get your pdf overview file.

Now Strategy Architect 5.5 is shipping

A. Android Mobile Application

           New Android Mobile application is Release with the following content

1.    My View

2.    Indicator View

B.   New Features

1.    Annual Report

2.    Initiatives Report

3.    Configurable Green Zone Threshold

4.    My View

5.    Notifications

6.    Support Ratio in Indicator Computation

C.   Enhancements

7.    Indicators’ Status Report in Objective and Indicator 

8.    Next Previous Buttons, Object Navigator

9.    Master Views Navigation

10. Cascaded and C&E grids Enhancement

11. Object Lowest Granularity

12. Indicator Compete Card History Chart

13. Deployment Enhancement

13. Initiative Roll up values

SA Downloads Section

Now Enjiz 2.5 is shipping

Now Enjiz 2.5 is shipping with new features:

  • - Support for pre-defined task types and pre-defined group of assignees to select from and group of followers
  • - Support for pre-define project templates with an ordered group of tasks
  • - Defining Re-current tasks so they can be initiated automatically when their next instance is due
  • - Enhanced Dashboards
  • - Defining task predecessors and % of completion attribute
  • - More Outlook integration features
  • - More Tasks List filters options
  • - Search by Task ID
  • - More Help features
  • - Archiving features

Now PMOS 3.5 is shipping

 Now PMOS 3.5 is shipping with new features:

- New UI look
Integration with Enjiz Tasks Management and Outlook Calendar

Horizons Policy Manager is now Available

Horizons Policy Manager (HPM) new software is now ready for shipping. HPM manages the full cycle of enterprise policy management from definition stage to approval to implementation to auditing to proposed changes with approval. The software groups policies by categories in a hierarchy with unlimited height allowing Enterprise policies to be logically grouped and navigated easily. Policy definition include relationships to other policies, related processes, and involved parties. Policy compliance level and other attributes are also part of the definition. Policy Auditing check lists can be defined and filled while auditing policies. Non-compliances are marked and proposed actions can be added and tracked. Changes to policies are handled and get approved by policy owner.  Policy creation and changes are related to policy related following parties. Policies basic and detailed reports as well as Policy Manuals can be generated both in Arabic and English languages. The system is natively Bi-lingual.


A new addition to Horizons Products. An easy to use Indicators Publishing Solution for Web, Tablet, and Mobile users.