Horizons JAWDA Quality Management System is now available

Horizons is proud to announce its latest product release to the market.  JAWDA, a Quality Management System that is built on top of Howkama basic elements of Strategy, process, organization, Policies, and KPIs. New elements for documents, enterprise glossary, and Change requests recordings have been added. The product will be used to support Quality Management and ISO systems implementation and execution. The system will enable organizations to  define their enterprise context, strategy analysis, defining terms and references for the system, building process documentation, roles & responsibilities & organization structure, and defining policies. The system will support the full auditing cycle including: maintaining Check lists for all types of business elements to be audited such as processes, services, strategy elements, Staff, policies, and other elements,  defining auditing plans and schedules with roles and responsibilities, recording auditing results with support for 360 auditing, and recording and analyzing non-conformities with tracking their designed corrective actions. The system supports recording complaints and conducting surveys to assure customers satisfaction. It maintains information on all types of documents handled and their versions. The system records change requests with their handling decisions, and actions status. The system is integrated with Horizons Enjiz tasks management system, or with Outlook Calendar to record or track executions of actions designed. The system has a rich set of analysis and reporting dashboards and reports. The system has notifications services.

Main advantage points for the system are:

  • Support for any quality management systems including defining the system, and implementing it.
  • Support implementation of auditing programs, and plans within the program and for scheduling of plan tasks.
  • Business elements defined with the quality system such as processes, organization, policies, Strategy, and KPIs are supporting by best practice methods and frameworks.
  • Integration with Outlook calendar or Horizons Enjiz Tasks Management System to track all types of recorded actions.
  • Rich reports, graphics, and dashboards.
  • Integrates with Active Directory and supports access rights for all views.
  • Native Arabic-English Support.
  • Web application with friendly user interface.