Howkama 3.2 is now shipping

Horizons Howkama 3.2 is now shipping with continuing support for knowledge-based documentation of Enterprise Governance elements of strategy elements, services, processes, organizations structure, roles and responsibilities, policies, governing principles, stakeholders, and KPIs.  The system also supports the auditing process, and risk management processes providing a complete GRC system.  The system can ship with additional modules for measuring Enterprise Assessment Frameworks, Survey Management, and BSC Detail design module. Howkama integrates with Horizons Enjiz and SA systems.  New Howkama 3.2 Features include:

  1. UI improvements and simplifications
  2. Added control for accessing enterprise governing elements
  3. BSC Design enhancements
  4. Integration with Enjiz
  5. Stakeholders Organizational Hierarchy and information
  6. Support of Strategy Analysis documentation with SWOT elements and their source analysis methods