Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management


An Enterprise Architecture (EA) establishes the Enterprise-wide roadmap to achieve an Enterprise’s mission through optimal performance of its core business processes within an efficient information technology (IT) environment. Simply stated, enterprise architectures is a foundation to manage enterprise change by building its “blueprints” for systematically and completely defining an organization’s current (baseline) or desired (target) environment.

The EA service focuses on building holistic, formal, and interrelated models of all business components: strategy, process, organization, IT, cost, projects, and resources. International Standards and Methods such as Zachman and Togaf are used in this service. The models of the current situation (as-is EA) can be then used to understand, document, analyze, and communicate current business components. They can be then used to design future desired business situation (to-be EA). Once To-Be business components are designed, EA models can be used to understand “Change Impact, and to drive future transformation projects. Special service of Horizons related to manage and improve business processes using international “Process Architecture” and “Process Improvement” methods.

      • Design EA strategy and processes. Define EA roles and responsibilities.
      • Use of standard Frameworks such as Zachman or TOGAF to visually and logically define business models (as-is or to-be).
      • Generate EA portal to display and communicate business and IT models.
      • Analyze business and technology models against organization’s strategy and vision to define existing gaps and potential solutions.
      • Use of international standards and best practices to define target business models.
      • Define transition strategy to move to the desired architecture and identify change projects
      • Design transition plan schedules and costs and actions inter-dependencies.
      • Design communication plans and change management actions to support the execution of transition plans.
      • Analyze Process models and define improvement opportunities and future design.




  • Leading Enterprise Architecture (EA) Service Provider with extended EA experience.
  • Knowledge Based Formal Integrated Models.
  • EA Frameworks (Zachman – TOGAF)
  • International Standards and Best practices
  • Multiple views to meet stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Highly visual communication environment.
  • Traceability and change impact analysis.
  • Service-Focused approach to Business Process Management
  • Process Software Automation Analysis
  • Managing Change in business and technology environment.
  • Support for effective architecture-based business and IT strategies.
  • Retaining enterprise knowledge and leveraging it.
  • Alignment of strategy and operations.
  • Cost-Effective Managing of enterprise projects.
  • Unifying business terms and promoting common understanding among enterprise staff.
  • Better business communication.
  • Management at all levels
  • Business Analysts
  • Quality Managers
  • IT Architects
  • Project Management Office Managers
  • HR Managers