Howkamah is an enterprise governing, risk management, and compliance system. It is a web application that documents based on knowledge models all business components (strategy, services, processes, organizations, measures, roles and responsibilities, policies, projects, and principles). It provides a comprehensive risk management system that implements international risk management life cycle. It also tracks and analyze risk occurrences and response strategies. Howkamah also has evaluation and auditing components that allow its users to define auditing or evaluation frameworks, implementation plans, results recording and analysis. Howkamah also has an advanced survey components that can be use in enterprise governance activities.

DocumentEvaluate and AuditManage Risks

  • Use Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and methods to document governance components
  • One integrated environment to manage governance, risks, and audit for compliance
  • Support implementation plans definition and execution
  • Support enterprise auditing
  • Support Quality management
  • Integrates with Outlook calendar and Horizons Enjiz tasks management system
  • Smart analysis reports and dashboards
  • Native support for Arabic and English
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Web Application