Quality Management System (QMS) is a web-based system built on top of Howkama basic elements of Strategy, process, organization, Policies, Principles, and KPIs. The product can be used to support the full cycle of Quality Management and ISO certification starting by building process documentation, to maintaining Checklists for all types of business elements to be audited such as processes, services, strategy elements, Staff, policies, and other elements. Then defining auditing or evaluation plan supporting 360 evaluation, and assignment of auditors to specific audited elements. The system allows access-enable entry of data or importing it.  The system allows auditors to record corrective actions with dates and assignees and send these actions to Outlook Calendar or Horizons Enjiz tasks management.  The system has a rich set of analysis and reporting dashboards and reports. The system has notifications services.

QMS main advantages are:

  1. Support defining any quality auditing plans and check lists.
  2. Support defining auditing/evaluation plans and measurement method (360 is supported)
  3. Enterprise Architecture models are supported for business components
  4. Integration with Outlook calendar or Horizons Enjiz Tasks Management System to track all types of recorded actions
  5. Rich reports, graphics, and dashboards
  6. Integrates with Active Directory and supports access rights for all views
  7. Native Arabic-English Support
  8. Web application with ease of use


Main Users

  1. Quality Management Department Staff
  2. Department Heads
  3. Process Improvement Teams
  4. Staff