Strategy Architect (SA) System


Horizons Strategy Architect (SA) is an automated software solution for implementing the Balanced Scorecard in a collaborative strategic performance management framework. It enables real-time automatic recording of the BSC performance measures to its information sources. It provides dash boards at various levels and various BSC components such as perspectives, measures, and initiatives. SA also supports unlimited number of interdependent BSCs (Cascaded BSCs). It deploys enterprise-wide, and is integrated with windows LDAP or other users’ authorization technology. Administration utilities are used to grant access rights to various groups.
SA uses unique visual modeling technology to model the strategic and performance architecture of an enterprise and extract computed data from various operational data stores to present distilled visual scorecards in a web-based front end. This enables a fast development and deployment of BSC systems.
The users can access the SA online or offline and browse data in full value mode or in summarized visual index mode. With SA you can proactively monitor performance against company targets and plan for corrective actions much sooner than before.

  • Installing SA Software at customer’s servers
  • Deploying the customer BSC after completing all BSC details
  • Testing Deployed system
  • Training of System Administrator, BSC Maintainers, and End Users
  • Visual BSC definition using the SA visual modeler
  • Customizable BSC Architecture
  • Web-enabled and thin browser clients
  • BSC, Measure and Initiative dashboards
  • Automatic KPI updates, calculation and alerts
  • Dynamic Measure updates from backend data stores
  • Dynamic monitoring of the BSC strategy maps with cause-effect links tracking.
  • Unlimited Cascading among BSCs, objectives, and measures and supporting cause-effect links among measures and objectives.
  • Live Initiative and Action Plan status updates and Dashboards
    • Notification Server using email and SMS.
  • Customized views.
  • Model-based easy updates for BSC definitions.
  • Support for online and offline clients
  • Visual modeling of performance architecture
  • Secure data accessibility and manipulation rules
  • Flexible security model with group and user profiles
  • Native support of Arabic Language and for Hijri dates (automatic conversion of dates).
  • BSC Reports
  • XML-based interfaces